Southwest Change Flight: Customize Reservations Accordingly Before the Date

Even if any error occurs to your Southwest Flight reservations and you identify such a mistake later on when seeking a soft copy of your booking confirmation to the registered contact details. There is nothing to worry about yet. All you need to do is, opt for the Southwest Airlines change procedure.

According to the change flight policy of Southwest Airlines, one is eligible to edit following details as well as flight itself anytime before the scheduled departure.

In case, there is any change to the customers plan before the departure date, they can change the flight date and postpone the travel date as well.Meanwhile they might have to pay the difference amount if the price gets higher. Otherwise, it would be their luck to get the same flight at the same fare on the other date.

What are the Following Details that Could Be Changed anytime Before the Departure Date?

For your general knowledge about the possible changes to your booking on Southwest Airlines, we have listed out all those details below.

Name: In case, you misspelled your name while completing the booking process online and identified it later on, then you can opt for the change flight Reservations.

Date: If there is any change that comes to your plan which even collapses with the travel date, then continue the flight change reservation and postpone the travel date accordingly.

Flight: Due to any reason if your mindset gets changed and you want to change the flight, i.e., upgrade the seat type or far type then there couldn’t be anything better than changing the flight process. But depending on the price hike as per the time, you might have to pay the difference.

Seat Selection: In addition to all the possibilities, one can even opt for the seat selection. But this is not applicable for basic economy fare holders. Rather than this, one should even pay for the seat if they appeal for the seat selection in advance.

Terms and Conditions of Southwest Airlines Flight Change

You won’t find any mess while appealing change flight, hence we have explained the policies to Change the Southwest Airlines Flight accordingly depending on the fare type.

Wanna Get Away

Wanna Get Away is one of the lowest fares on Southwest Airlines Reservations. But it’s even non-refundable which might be disappointing for the customers having Wanna Get Away Ticket. Being non-refundable ticket holders, they do not have the right to claim refund. Besides this, they are compensated with travel credit.

Under the Southwest Airlines change policy, if anyone wants to edit their booking (flight), the same rules will be applicable—one can update their flight anytime 10 minutes earlier than the departure without any penalty. One should pay the difference only when the new flight is costlier than the current one. Otherwise, they can skip that step and move ahead with further change in flight procedure.

On the other hand, if the new flight is cheaper than the current booking value then the user will be credited with the left value in the form of a travel fund. Those Travel credits which are redeemable against new reservations within a year from the date of ticket issued.

Anytime and Business Select Tickets

Following the Southwest Change policy, Anytime and Business Select ticket holders can change the flight as per their preference. The change flight procedure is valid anytime 10 minutes before the flight departure. There is no extra fee for changing flights. Depending on your preference and selection during the flight change process, you might have to pay the difference amount.

In case, you neither change your flight, nor even arrive at the airport on-time then your booking comes under the no-show policy of Southwest Airlines. Under the no-show policy the booking value of Anytime and Business Select ticket holders will be credited with Travel Funds. The customers can use the Travel Funds anytime within a year from the date of ticket issued. However, the points will be redeposited to the customers’ account for use later when the ticket has been purchased with Rapid Rewards points.

International Flights Itinerary Change

If the customers want to make changes to their itinerary that involves an international flight, they are supposed to do the same as the process discussed above. One will not have to pay an extra amount to change the flight, but the fare difference will apply depending on the fare.

Fare Classes Change

If the customers are changing fare classes, several exceptions will be applied. For example, if anyone updates an Anytime fare to a Business Select fare, the Anytime ticket value will be converted into redeemable Travel Credits. However, if the users are opting for the same-day changes to their itinerary, they’ll have to cover any additional taxes and penalties that apply to the new fare.

Same-day Change

If one is making a same-day change to an international trip booking, they must directly connect with Southwest experts at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) or appeal to an air ticketing agent at the airport kiosk. Further, the customers cannot reserve international flights via any online portals within 2 hours of flight departure.

Irregular Operation Change

Under the Southwest Airlines change policy, one can make changes for free to any international trip affected by extreme climate or similar situations that are beyond the airline’s control. However, They must talk to Southwest’s Customer Service over a call at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792).

Other points to remember about the Southwest Airlines Flight Change

Before you acknowledge the steps to change the flight online or offline, it is better to glance at the following important notes explained below in bullets.

  • Southwest Airlines does not charge any fee to make changes on your booking.
  • Depending on the flight including fare type, a different amount is possible.
  • Change would be possible only when the flights are accessible.
  • Change process is disclosed up to 10 minutes before the flight departure.
  • One can pay the difference amount in cash or rapid reward.

Flight/Seat Accessibility: 100% Possibility for the Flight Change

Seat or flight accessibility on your preferable date means a lot to successfully change the flight and prevent any loss due to your plan change at the end moment. So, make sure that the flight would be accessible on your preferable date. Otherwise, you unfortunately need to cancel the flight.

How to Complete Southwest Airlines Flight Change Procedure?

There are three major methods that you can undertake to change Southwest Airlines Flight. Meanwhile, you should remember not to skip any of the steps as discussed below accordingly.

Via Southwest Airlines Official Website

  1. Search “Southwest Airlines” on any of your global searching browsers.
  2. Visit
  3. Hit the tab, “ Change/Cancel” visible on the top of the page.
  4. Retrieve your booking by mention confirmation number and name (first and last)
    The Change flight bar is selected by default, so skip that part and move ahead.
  5. Tap on the Search bar.
  6. Pick the flight which is required to be changed and then hit the Select new flights tab. Flight for departure and return destinations will be visible If you have booked a round-trip.
  7. After that edit the certain details that you wanted to and confirm them.
  8. Continue further as its been commanded and seek confirmation message to your registered contact details regarding flight change.

Via Mobile Application

  1. First and foremost, you must install the Southwest Airlines Mobile Application, if does not accessible on your mobile. Otherwise you can skip this step and continue with further.
  2. Open and login to the mobile application with your registered details such as email or phone number and password.
  3. Then, find the current trip visible on the application homepage.
  4. Click on the current trip and find a drop down menu or a new palette open.
  5. With this, find options, “Change/Cancel” tab under the yellow ribbon.
  6. To make your booking customizable you should hit the change button.
  7. Depending on your trip type, you will find a departure and return flight.
  8. Determine which flight you want to change.
  9. Once choosing any of them, you should hit the continue button.
  10. Further, you will be liable to see certain flight’s detail on the next page. This is the only time when you could change the date and destination.
  11. When you don’t want to change either of them, then simply hit the tab, “Find Flights.”
  12. Now, flights’ list for the same day will appear on your screen.
  13. Next, choose any of those flights based on timing and stops.
  14. Further, you can select from the fare type as per your preference and convenience.
  15. If the new flight is costlier than your current flight, you must pay the difference amount.
  16. After that, move forward with the continue button.
  17. Next, review all the changes you’ve made and tap on the make these changes button.
  18. Finally, you will be liable to change the flight successfully on a mobile application.

When you are unable to complete the procedure conveniently due to any reason, dial Southwest Airlines Phone Number. Additionally, as the experts for assistance in making changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Southwest Allow Any Customers to Change the Flight?

Yes, one can update their booking on Southwest Airlines Reservations without any penalty, they can change at least 10 minutes in advance of their flight departs. The customers can change their booking by mobile application or official website–

To change the flight online, retrieving the flight is the most initial step. Additionally, move forward with the Change/Cancel application, and following the prompts enables one to successfully change the flight online.

Am I Supposed to Pay for Changing Flight?

However, Southwest Airlines does not charge any fee from the customers to change the flight. But they must pay the difference amount if any. Further, they would be even liable for the travel fund when the flight is cheaper than the current booking value. One can use the Travel fund to book the new flight within a year.

What Policy Does Southwest Airlines Follow to Change the Flight?

Southwest Airlines genuinely believes in allowing the customers to update their booking for free up to 10 minutes earlier than the departure. But depending on the customer’s choice and change type, a different amount is possible.

What does the Plus and Minus mean when Changing the Flight Online?

When anyone changes the flight and finds the + (Plus) sign before or next to the flight fare, it means that their new flight is costlier than the current flight. In such cases, the customers need to cover the difference amount. On the other hand, if someone insight – (minus) sign, it indicates that the new flight is cheaper than the original flight.

In this case, one can be refunded with the rest of the booking value either in the original form of payment or travel fund. However, the mode of seeking refund completely depends on your fare type.

Rather than these, if anyone finds zero (0) USD, it means no difference amount applies. In this way, one can get the new flight booked for free.

How Many Times Would it be Possible to Change the Flight?

Southwest allows the customers to change the flight as many times as they want or need to change. Meanwhile, they should do the same under the change policy.

How Long Can I Change Southwest Flight?

All the customers are requested to change the flight up to 10 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Can I Change the Flight After Check-in?

The check-in windows are accessible 24 hours before the flight departure and according to the Southwest Airlines Policy flight change possibility is accessible up to 10 minutes before the scheduled departure. So, it’s clear that you can conveniently change your flight even after the check-in is done.

Is the Date Change and Time change possible?

Southwest allows the customers to change the time as well as the date on their booking.

Can I Correct My Incorrect Name on Southwest Airlines Reservations?

Yes, Of course, you can correct the misspelled name on your reservation according to the Southwest Airlines Change Policy.

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Southwest Change Flight: Customize Reservations Accordingly Before the Date

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