Get Information about Southwest pregnancy policy here!

Are you expecting women and want to fly with Southwest Airlines? You are suggested to learn Southwest Airlines pregnancy policy before making reservations. The following guide will provide you the right direction in the same matter.

According to Southwest Airlines pregnant policy, expecting passengers are only allowed to carry one baby to travel past 32 weeks of pregnancy. The airline allows such passengers to travel up until the end of the 36th week of pregnancy. Southwest Airlines usually suggests that pregnant travelers don’t travel past the 38th week of pregnancy.

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Does Southwest have a pregnancy policy?

Yes! Southwest Airlines has a pregnancy policy, but the airline doesn’t suggest flying starting at the 38th week of pregnancy. However, expecting women will not be allowed to sit in the emergency exit row based on their strength and physical condition.

Southwest Airlines Pregnant Policy: Tips & Information

If you are in search of the process of making a reservation as an expecting mother, it is required to get through the pregnancy policy. Well, the airline doesn’t have any restrictions, but it generally suggests air traveling starting at the 38th week of pregnancy.

Look at the following points to know more about the pregnancy policy at Southwest Airlines.

  • It is a must to be hydrated before or after the flight itinerary for an expecting passenger. Along with this, it is suggested to bring snacks for munching during the whole trip.
  • It is mandatory to consult with a doctor before flying with Southwest Airlines. Since you will be asked to show the doctor’s note at the airport.
  • The airline doesn’t allow air travel starting at the 38th week of pregnancy as per their pregnant policy.
  • You are recommended to reach early at the airport so that you get enough time to walk to the gate.
  • You must have a person who can lift your luggage throughout the journey. It simply means that the airline will not allow you to travel alone.
  • If you are traveling past 20 weeks or pregnancy, it is a must to bring the health certificate and doctor prescription.
  • You must have a good blood circulation to fly in the long-haul flights.
  • It is suggested to wear comfortable and loose clothes so that you can stay free and comfortable throughout the trip.

How to book Southwest Airlines flights while pregnant?

After knowing Southwest Airlines pregnant policy, you might be looking for the booking procedure. The airline allows you to book flight tickets online and offline. Here, you will get to know both methods respectively.

Book Tickets via Southwest’ official website

  • The first step is to go through Southwest Airlines official website.
  • After that, enter the travel type, destinations, and the total number of passengers.
  • Now, add the special assistance while choosing the affordable fight.
  • Choose the pregnancy type and submit your medical documents.
  • Next, go to the next page to proceed and follow the rules and regulations.
  • Here, you may add the special facilities to your flight associated with pregnancy.
  • Go to the payment section and make the payment for booking a flight with Delta.
  • Finally, you will be eligible to get special assistance at the airport and experience the comfortable journey.

Book Tickets through Southwest live customer service

  • Another method is to connect with the live representative of Delta Airlines.
  • For this, dial the Delta Airlines live customer service number to talk to a real person.
  • Listed the ongoing instructions carefully and choose your preferred language.
  • After choosing your preference, you will get connected with a live person.
  • Ask them to add special assistance associated with the pregnancy and book a flight ticket.
  • You may take assistance from them 24/7.

Points to Remember: Flying while pregnant with Southwest Airlines

If you are expecting and planning for a trip, it is important to get through the following information. Southwest Airlines has some rules and regulations that one should follow during flying as an expected passenger.

  • It is suggested to bring some snacks to ease your hunger during the trip.
  • It is a must to have a good blood circulation so that you can travel in long-haul flights. So if you are planning to fly in long-haul flights, bring medical certification.
  • Bring your health insurance and antepartum records if you are traveling past 20 weeks of pregnancy. Since you will be asked to show these documents at the time of boarding.
  • You are suggested to bring a kick back and a neck pillow.
  • If you are a frequent flyer of Southwest Airlines, you should know that the airline doesn’t suggest flying starting at the 38th week of pregnancy.
  • You may wear loose and comfortable clothes during the trip to make yourself feel better.
  • You are also advised to reach the airport before time so that you may get a maximum time of walking to the gate.

If you want some additional information regarding the same, visit the official website of Southwest Airlines.

Does Southwest Airlines Allow you to board early if pregnant?

As per the southwest preboard pregnant policy, you are allowed to board in the preboarding section if you are pregnant. For this, you may easily inform the gate about your pregnancy to the gate and receive a new ticket with pre boarding.

Documents Required For Expecting Mothers on Southwest Airlines

  • Health insurance along with the doctor’s prescription.
  • antepartum records
  • Pre Boarding pass if you are boarding early.

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Get Information about Southwest pregnancy policy here!

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