Does Southwest Airlines Allow Unaccompanied Minors to Fly Alone?

Vacations have started and it’s the only time when your kids can explore many exciting places as well as fascinating activities. Additionally they can spend their time with grandparents. Unfortunately, do you find it complicated to accompany your kids for the trip due to official engagement? Then, Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor booking is only for you. This fare is for the kids only. Still, there are some restrictions that you need to check out to purchase unaccompanied minor fare.

Is My Kid Suitable for Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor?

Though Southwest airlines allow the unaccompanied minor to fly alone, there is an age restriction that your kids must meet to avail of this programme in Southwest Airlines. Rather than this, even if any of your kids do not meet the restricted age and you still need to purchase UMNR fare, then you are highly urged to arrange any adult to accompany your kids on the trip.

What is the Age restriction to Purchase Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Fare?

Ensure that your kids must be five years older or more to fly alone as Unaccompanied Minor. UMNR fare is mainly for the Unaccompanied minor travelers between five to eleven years old. Kids of twelve years old or more are not eligible to book such fare on Southwest Airlines and will not be considered as Unaccompanied Minor.

How Much Does Southwest Airlines Charge for Unaccompanied Minor Booking?

According to the Southwest Airlines policy, one should pay $50 each way (or $100 roundtrip) for the unaccompanied minor booking. It is in addition to the seat rate per minor. So if the airfare is $120 and you are traveling an unaccompanied minor roundtrip, the final amount would be USD 220.

Southwest charges much lower in comparison to legacy carriers’ fare for unaccompanied minor programmes. For instance, Both Delta and American charge $150 per child, each way. So you can save a buck including hundred dollars by booking Unaccompanied Minor Fare with Southwest Airlines Reservations on a roundtrip ticket.

Which are the Flights Eligible for Unaccompanied Minor to Fly Alone?

If your kids are between the restricted age of Unaccompanied Minor on Southwest Airlines Reservations, then you are allowed only for the domestic routes and direct flight. According to Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Policy, international travels are prohibited for minors traveling alone.

Methods and Procedure to Book Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fare

To make it convenient for the customers to book UMNR fare, Southwest airlines has featured two different methods i.e., online and offline. As per the online method, one must access any of the online booking portals of Southwest Airlines such as mobile applications or the official website.

On the other hand, if you ever find complications while proceeding with the online booking procedure then you can instantly connect with the experts over a call or at the airport ticket counter.

Whereas online booking portals enable one to have full control as well as full transparency over their booking, on the other hand, offline methods are completely opposite of online methods. Offline is something about involvement of the experts to book the air tickets.

Steps to Book Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Flight

You won’t find a mess while booking Unaccompanied minor flight whether online or offline, hence we’ve made it all easier for you by explaining the steps respectively. Make sure that you do not skip any of the steps as shown below in a queue.

Via Southwest Airlines Official Website

  • Search “Southwest Airlines” on google search engine.
  • Access the link, “”
  • Click on “advanced search” visible before the search button.
  • With this, you will be liable to find a new page.
  • Now, enter choose the trip type.
  • After that, determine the destination airport and origin airport.
  • Then, select the departure date and return depending on the trip type.
  • In addition to selecting the date to depart and return, you are even required to select the time.
  • Next, the number of passengers varies by age group.
  • Once you complete the required details in the given sections, ensure to hit the search button.
  • Further, based on fare type you should choose flight for both sides; returning and departure from the list.
  • Once you select the flights or both sides you should hit the continue button.
  • Now, you will find three specified forms i.e., Who’s flying?, How do we contact you?, and Credit card & billing information.
  • If you have any valid Southwest Airlines Credit value then you can redeem for payment of Southwest Airlines UM Booking.
  • Once the payment is done, you will seek confirmation messages to your registered contact details such as phone number and email id.

Southwest Airlines Mobile Application

  • First and foremost, installation of Southwest Airlines Mobile Application on Mobile is initial to start with further steps. If you already installed this app on your phone, skip this step and continue ahead with further.
  • Login to the application with the registered username or account number or you want to register.
  • Open, “Book a Flight.”
  • Provide the initial details required for the flight searches.
  • Choose the flight as well as the fare type for both sides; return and departure. This applies only when you select a round trip type, otherwise, you only need the departure date and time.
  • Now, hit the continue button and find the specified forms on the next page as we have already discussed before, through the official website steps for UM reservations.
  • Meanwhile, you can apply Southwest Airlines promo code or Credit or gift card to make payment (If any).
  • After completing all the required forms, you should hit the purchase button.
  • Lastly, you will be provided the confirmation message of UM reservations on Southwest Airlines.

Via Southwest Airlines Phone Number

  • Go to the official site and click on the contact us option.
  • With this, you will be liable to seek the phone number on the next page.
  • To seek Southwest Airlines Phone Number depending on your nation, you should hit the link, “Before & during your trip.”
  • Select your regional Southwest Airlines phone Number from the list.
  • Dial and listen to the IVR Keys instructions.
  • Press the keys accordingly and connect with the relevant expert over a call.
  • Once you get through the expert over a call, you can request them for UM Reservations.
  • Now, provide all the required details as it’s been asked by the expert over a call.
  • Later make payment for unaccompanied minors with Southwest Airlines Reservations.
  • Finally, you will receive a confirmation message from the airline to your contact details.

Rather than all the above procedures, you can even request the experts via an email for UM reservation or visit the airport, spot the ticketing agent at the ticket counter and ask for UM booking with Southwest Airlines Reservation. Make sure that you carry all the required things which is essential for booking Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Reservations.

Things to Remember About Online and Offline Unaccompanied Minor Fare

  • Online at®: Once mentioning of all the information of Kids’ and proceed to check out is done, one will be questioned whether they will be flying with an older one. If not, they will be considered an Unaccompanied Minor.
  • At our airport ticket counter or by a call: If anyone makes reservations for a kids’ travel over a phone call or at the airport, they should let the Employee know that the kids on the booking is an Unaccompanied Minor by providing the kids’ age.
  • Whether you choose any of the above-mentioned methods to book UM, it’s important to provide further required details accurately to the experts over a call or through the online form.
  • If the reservation is done, you are required to share the confirmation number of the UM booking to the legal guardian who is responsible for picking up or dropping off your child.

Information, Required to Complete Unaccompanied Minor Booking Procedure

If you are planning and thinking of booking the UM reservations on Southwest Airlines, then its crucial for you to know what information would be required to purchase Southwest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor tickets. You will be required to provide the child’s name, gender, and date of birth.

Rather than the minor traveler’s information, one must provide the responsible person’s details who will be taking care of picking up the child at their destination or dropping off the child at the airport.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Relationship to the child
  • Phone numbers (including area code)

The paperwork needs to be completed for the minor for an unaccompanied trip. You may even need to share Age proof of your kid.

What is the Following Information that You Should Share with the Receiver?

To prevent any uncertainty due to miscommunication, you are required to provide the mentioned-below information to the receiver.

  • Advise the designated person (child’s picking up or dropping offer responsible) to greet the kid at the assigned arrival gate of the flight on timer a bit before flight arrival..
  • Provide them following Suggested Airport Arrival Times to permit sufficient time to park, issue a gate pass from the ticket kiosk, and pass through the security checkpoint. Further, reach the arrival gate earlier than the flight arrives.
  • Advise the designated guardian to carry valid photo ID and a duplicate of the child’s itinerary to issue a gate pass to get entry through the security barrier and meet the kid at the gate.

How Should I Prepare Earlier than Bringing Unaccompanied Minor to the Airport?

Following the below explained terms, you can conveniently prepare before bringing Unaccompanied manor to the airport.

  • Duplicate the Kid’s itinerary for both parties i.e., the child and for the person responsible for picking up the destination.
  • If your Unaccompanied Minors flight is scheduled during the mealtime, then make sure that you surely add food or snacks with the child in case they get hungry.
  • Install the Southwest application on your mobile and seek control over the flight status of your kid.
  • Make sure the electronic device must be in full charge before leaving for the airport—Southwest currently has no in-seat power onboard most of the aircraft.
  • Send the child with the contact details for whoever’s picking them up.
  • To seek more suggestions on what to expect when a child is on the Unaccompanied Southwest Airlines Trave, you should visit “When Kids Fly Alone.”

Terms and Conditions to Win the Possibility of Southwest Unaccompanied Minor Reservations

Below are the following terms and conditions of Southwest Airlines that one should adhere to.

  • Children from five to 11 years older traveling without accompanying 12 years older kids or more, considered Unaccompanied Minors Travel (UMs) on Southwest Airlines.
  • Minor must be physically and mentally fit to travel alone.
  • International trip or Connecting travels are prohibited for the Unaccompanied minor.
  • The designated guardian must report the destination airport arrival gate 45 minutes before, to escort the children.
  • The guardian must issue a gate pass to escort the children from the airport.
  • To issue the gate pass, one must provide government-issued photo ID to southwest personnel at the security checkpoint while picking up and checking in.
  • Age proof id issued by the government is essential to book Southwest Unaccompanied Minor fare.
  • If something goes wrong with the Unaccompanied Minor Travel then, Southwest undertakes as best as possible measures as possible.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Use Rapid Rewards to Book Southwest UM fare?

Yes, you can but ensure that the Rapid Rewards cover the whole amount of booking. Otherwise, you will be liable to pay the difference amount.

How to Get the Gate Pass to Escort Unaccompanied Minor at the Arrival Gate?

However, a gate pass is very important to cross the security check in point and meet the UM at the Arrival gate. To get the gate pass, you should spot the ticket counter at the airport and show your authorized id proof by the government to the agent.

Does Southwest Airlines Permit the Unaccompanied Minor to Travel on the Trip that Involves Planes’ change?

No, according to the Southwest Airlines policy unaccompanied are liable only to travel on the non-stop flights.

Is Unaccompanied Minor Booking refundable?

Yes! Southwest Airlines refund the customers in any of the scenarios such as, flight gets canceled from the airlines’ end or flight cancellation done by the customers, or child is no longer unaccompanied after the reservation on Unaccompanied Minor fare.

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Does Southwest Airlines Allow Unaccompanied Minors to Fly Alone?

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